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Building Organisational Capability
Tue, 8/04/14 – 18:44 | No Comment

We have seen previously that there are 3 levels of organisational capability.

Following our post, we have had some requests asking what companies in general (and HR departments in particular) can do to build organisational capability. What specific steps do they need to take?

So we thought we would cover that in today’s post…

The 5 key steps of organisational capability

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HR – stop doing this…
Tue, 11/02/14 – 17:41 | No Comment

We recently posted an article on The Matrix and how the movie linked to deeper themes of strategic thinking.
And for those of you in HR and management, we highly recommend watching the movie for its …

How to build your skills in 5 steps – pdf
Sat, 18/01/14 – 14:40 | No Comment
How to build your skills in 5 steps – pdf

How to build your skills in 5 steps
We all want (and need!) to build skills from time to time. However, very few of us seem to follow a process or discipline when we do so.
Building …

Make your face unforgettable…
Thu, 16/01/14 – 19:26 | No Comment
Make your face unforgettable…

If you want to make your face unforgettable, this recent piece of research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will be of interest to you.
But we wanted to feature it for other reasons. Reasons …

The science of persuasion
Wed, 15/01/14 – 11:26 | One Comment

Persuasion and Influencing skills are a key part of effectiveness at work (as we all know). These are featured in our Emotional Intelligence programme. Here we share a video that neatly illustrates 6 key skills …

Power, conformity and change
Sat, 11/01/14 – 18:26 | No Comment
Power, conformity and change

Companies often want to encourage innovation, sensible risk-taking and entrepreneurship, yet are frustrated when no matter what they do, their efforts are stymied. They also may want to progress a ‘change programme’ to take their …

What’s your goal-setting style?
Wed, 8/01/14 – 21:00 | No Comment

Most people will agree that setting goals is a core (and important) part of achieving professional and personal fulfilment and success.
Written at a time of year when many people will be considering their personal vision …