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How to LAND your L&D Strategy
Mon, 4/08/14 – 18:51 | No Comment

L&D (Learning & Development) is a hugely misunderstood function within HR and one that is routinely treated as an afterthought.

Yet for companies that need to innovate to grow, or that need excellence in their people to maintain competitive advantage, Learning and Development offers a range of longer-term benefits including:

· boosting and maintaining employee engagement

· enhancing collaboration among individuals, teams & functions

· developing your future leaders, and

· building deep capabilities

Given the importance of L&D within organisations, we thought this post might help companies ensure they get L&D ‘right’, and make landing Learning & Development strategy super easy.

How to LAND your L&D Strategy

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Building deep capabilities
Tue, 22/07/14 – 16:46 | One Comment
Building deep capabilities

‘Deep capabilities’ is a buzzword being used a lot within companies at the moment to describe a type of skillset that is both ‘deep’ (i.e. where an employee has strong expertise in one area) and …

What makes great training?
Mon, 2/06/14 – 13:53 | No Comment
What makes great training?

What makes great training?
Those of you who have been on training courses in the past will know that not all training is the same. This statement may sound like the blindingly obvious, a truism, but …

What does HR have to do with your company’s Brand?
Mon, 26/05/14 – 20:14 | No Comment
What does HR have to do with your company’s Brand?

HR is typically seen as the ‘cost centre’ of a company’s activities. While Marketing might command as much as 30% of a company’s internal expenditure, Human Resource Departments routinely operate on as little as 1% …

The building blocks of collaboration
Mon, 12/05/14 – 18:50 | One Comment
The building blocks of collaboration

‘Collaboration’ is a word used a lot in companies these days – yet few professionals find it easy to articulate exactly what it is.
There’s a sense collaboration has something to do with teamwork, but even …

Execution AND Engagement
Mon, 5/05/14 – 19:53 | No Comment
Execution AND Engagement

A key challenge facing leaders at every level of an organisation is how to execute on their strategy.
They may take tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of man hours defining and articulating …

The Trust Pyramid
Wed, 30/04/14 – 20:55 | No Comment
The Trust Pyramid

Building trust is a key component of personal and leadership effectiveness. It’s also increasingly important in business as we have already seen in this research here, and the cornerstone of building effective teams.
As we are …