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The world’s #1 tool for career development

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 October 2009One Comment

career development thailandLittle-known even among HR professionals, there is a global career development tool (also available in Thailand) that helps companies dramatically boost engagement and, with it, the long-term success of their teams.

The Highlands Ability Battery, with over 90 years of development, is possibly the best-kept secret in career development at the moment, while being regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of psychometric testing.

What makes Highlands so special?

First of all, almost all psychometric tests are based on an individual’s personality. Highlands, instead, discovers an individual’s talents, based on the 90 years of research conducted by the Johnson O’Connor Institute in the USA.

Why should managers care about identifying talents? It is simply because, as numerous studies have shown, connecting an individual’s talents to a job is the #1 driver of performance. In other words, if you want a direct report or team member to hit their targets at work, it helps significantly if you identify their talents and align their work to them.

career development thailand

Secondly, Highlands is completely objective. Where almost all psychometric tests are based on ‘question and answer’ type surveys, where an individual is expected to answer questions about his or herself, Highlands uses objective, tasked-based ‘worksamples.’ This is hugely significant. One of the challenges with psychometric tests is overcoming peoples’ ‘blind spots’ – or aspects about themselves of which they may be unaware. Psychoetric tests based on ‘Q&A’ cannot overcome this problem, because they still depend on an individual’s own insight. 360° assessments also cannot overcome this obstacle – since you are still involving others’ blind spots and biases in the assessment.

Highlands, by contrast, eliminates these hurdles with its and scientifically-validated set of worksamples incorporating visual, aural and imaginary activities proven to link tothe synaptic connections in our brain (talents). It’s when these synaptic connections ‘fire’ that we are often at our peak performance.

TalentHighlands can be used in the following ways:

1. If you are facing stress or ‘hate your job’, Highlands is a great tool to help you discover your talents, which is what leads to job satisfaction. Many performance issues stem from stress.

2. If you feel frustrated that there is no clear career path ahead, Highlands helps you evaluate the options based on your innate talents and strengths (some of which we are often unaware!)

3. Tensions often arise within teams, and it’s amazing how often we find  so many team members playing to their weaknesses, often through some misguided concept of ‘sacrifice’. Nothing can be more harmful to team performance! Highlands helps team members identify their strengths and play to them.

If you would like to find out more about how Highlands can be used to help you discover your ideal career path in Thailand,  or more about our comprehensive career development programmes in Thailand, then feel free to contact us here or call our office on +662 6393550


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