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Break through team performance issues with this programme…

Submitted by on Monday, 14 December 20092 Comments

Is your team performing to its potential? If not, is the shortfall due to ‘soft’, rather than technical skills?

Teams always go through stages of poor or unsatisfactory performance. This is as normal in business as it is in sport. In both cases, the question that looms large is:

What can I do to tackle team performance issues?

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Based on years of research into top-performing teams, Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of  a Team is a management bestseller, with over a million copies sold.

Better still, the learning has now been distilled into a hard-hitting, one or two day training programme offered exclusively by Talent Technologies in Thailand.

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team gives managers and their team constituents the tools needed to break through the deap-seated problems blocking them from achieving their goals.

Based on his studies, Lencioni discovered that the biggest gaps teams consistently faced were not through a shortage of technical know-how but through 5 critical ‘soft’ factors that many of us take for granted.

While companies work hard to bridge gaps in technical knowledge, often they assume these gaps in ‘soft’ areas will work themselves out. Yet time and again situations arise which prove otherwise.

What are the ‘Five Dysfunctions’ of a Team?

Lencioni identified the 5 Dysfunctions as a hierarchy as follows:

five dysfunctions thailand

Trust, unsurprisingly, is the first and most overwhelming barrier teams face. Many teams never overcome this hurdle, yet there are a number of strategies they can use to help them do so.

A Fear of Conflict comes next, and is especially prevalent in many Asian societies. Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of Teams shows participants how to transcend this fear with easy-to-implement activities.

Third in the hierarchy is Lack of Commitment. It often follows a fear of conflict since one team member may want to address an issue to another, yet holds back due to the risk of the other person reacting negatively. The result? his or her own commitment begins to wane.

The inevitable result of low commitment levels is an Avoidance of Accountability. As commitment wanes, team members start to make excuses for not doing things and find ways of not taking ownership of responsibilities and tasks.

Lastly (and this is almost all we, as managers, get to see – the ‘tip of the iceberg’ if you like) there follows an Inattention to Results. This is the aspect most managers react to, yet doing so in isolation and without recognising the causal chain leading to the failure to achieve results usually only worsens the situation, leading to a ‘doom loop’.

Creating an upward spiral

It simply makes no difference how good the rhetoric is or even how good the intentions are; if there is little or no trust, there is no foundation for permanent success.

Stephen Covey

Breaking through these team obstacles is not difficult. Also, given the cost arising from them, more companies should seriously consider running a team development programme like Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of Teams.

Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of Teams stops the downward spiral in its tracks and replaces it with a more powerful upward spiral.

Participants learn the practices and techniques they need to overcome the dysfunctions. Not only that, they practise these techniques in real activities so that they are fully confident at using them where it matters most: the workplace.

So if you would like to:

  • build trust and overcome conflict
  • achieve commitment and gain buy-in
  • gain accountability and ownership…

…then look no further than holding Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of Teams in your organisation!

For more details, simply send us an email here or call our office now on +662 6393550. But hurry! Special offer now running must end on Oct 30th!

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