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Want to boost workplace morale? Use THIS programme…

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Employee morale is down… Cases of stress at major hospitals soar by 30% in the last month alone… Gloominess prevails… Is there anything that can be done?

The recent demonstrations by the ‘red shirts’ have plunged Thailand once again into political and economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Aside from the damage this uncertainty has done to businesses and people’s livelihoods, one untold story is the spike in hospital admissions for stress and stress-related ailments.

Businesses in Thailand are also impacted by low employee morale, demotivation and unhappiness with the political and social situation in the Kingdom.

Thankfully, there is one thing all companies can do which will help:

Why it’s time for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, or EI, is a set of skills which can be learnt to help us better understand, regulate and channel our emotions.

Emotions, for a long time, have been company ‘blind spots’ as they have focused over more tangible factors such as targets, goals and strategies.

Over the last decade or so an overwhelming body of research has shown that while these are important, it’s in fact the intangible factors that differentiate successful companies from industry laggards in the marketplace.

The real differences between companies take place over multiple years (not the Y-on-Y factors many companies are obsessed with) and happen deeper, on a people level, and take place in the ‘special relationship’ between employees and the value they deliver, and customers and the engagement they feel to the ‘brand’ that company represents.

Emotional Intelligence is central to this relationship, as individuals better able to communicate with and work together, are better able to deliver this brand value to their customers. Also, as research has shown, over 60% of a customer’s brand loyalty is determined by the person he or she interacts with.

In industry studies conducted by Daniel Goleman, EI was discovered to have a whopping 0.52 correlation to performance on the job, whereas IQ only came in with a 0.07 correlation – showing exactly why EI is so important.

This is why, when employee morale turns down, something needs to be done about it. That something, we believe, is enhanced Emotional Intelligence.

Help your people help themselves

While Emotional Inteligence is largely associated with interpersonal communication, the starting point for EI is personal.

This starting point is the ability to be able to ‘perceive’ the emotions taking place inside.

Many managers and individuals have gone through their education and careers being trained in everything other than this most important skill. Emotional dissonance, after all, leads to poor communication and relationships, which in turn leads to poor performance at work.

Moods, morale and optimism all fall within this most important factor, which the person alone can change (as opposed to the manager or a colleague).

The ability to recognise stress, and deal with some of its causes, also falls within the skill of being able to ‘perceive’ emotions.

Yet in spite of this many professionals remain emotionally colour-blind: to their own detriment and to the detriment of those around them.

There is one major way companies can help:

EISA is the tool that unlocks the door

To help professionals become more aware of their EI, then we need look no further than the world-leading EISA (Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment) tool, based on Daniel Goleman’s EI framework.

This Assessment can be offered in a ‘Self’ or ‘Multi-Rater’ / 360 degrees format. It works like a mirror, yielding invaluable insights in which emotional skills need to be enhanced.

Participants on the Talent Technologies’ Emotional Intelligence programme learn these skills and how to apply them to better overcome stress, moods and negative states of mind which affect their performance and happiness at work.

They leave with an Action Plan separated into the three EI areas of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself and Give Yourself, making applying that plan in their lives and at work easy.

This also helps companies who have to deal with the financial impact of employee downtime, disengagement and stress which can severely impact their teamwork, communication and productivity.

So if you would like to boost employee morale in your business, and help employees overcome the negative energies of mood, stress and frustration, then look no further than Emotional Intelligence or ask us for more details here!


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