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Aptitude test

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Talent Technologies offers the Highlands Ability Battery, the world’s only objective aptitude test, in Thailand.

This article looks at some of the key benefits an aptitude test offers individuals and companies.

Aptitude testing is one of the most misunderstood factors of career and professional success.

This is largely due to the proliferation of so-called aptitude tests available in the market today.

Unfortunately, over 99% of these tests have one thing in common: they are not objective. Instead, they offer question-and-answer based ways of supposedly helping individuals discover their ‘talent’.

The one thing you need to know about aptitude tests

Consider going to see your doctor. Your doctor asks you some questions, and you describe your ailment – let’s imagine you feel something is not right with your heart.

Your doctor then asks you some more questions, and you answer.

Then, to your surprise, your doctor tells you that he needs to operate on you. No tests, no X-rays, no MRI scans – just an insistence on operating on you. How would you feel?

What I just described is how the 99% of these other so-called ‘aptitude tests’ operate. They ask you some questions, then they dole out some advice. The approach is entirely subjective, with zero objective input.

It’s scary how many companies rely on this highly flawed, highly unscientific methodology for their career pathing and senior management selection – but they do!

Aptitude Test Thailand

This one thing – making sure that the aptitude test is objective and scientific – is the key to getting a clear reading which you can put to use when discovering your strengths, your strongest role as a team member or leader, and your best career path options.

The Highlands Ability Battery is the career equivalent of an MRI scan. At a quarter of the price!

Why test aptitude?

Aptitude, first of all, is very different to the knowledge and skills that we gain through school, university, company training and through experience.

So why measure it?

Over the past 15 years research has shown that aptitude plays by far the biggest role in a person’s:

  • Job performance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Team effectiveness
  • Career success

Huge independent studies by the Corporate Leadership Council and Gallup, spanning several years and involving hundreds of thousands of employees,  have found that aptitudes are the #1 factor of employee engagement in a company (note: even more important than an employee’s boss!) while this also links, critically, to corporate performance such as productivity, quality of work and customer satisfaction.

Having a job that aligns with a person’s aptitude then, is THE most critical factor both an employee and employer need to look for… yet the majority do not!

Testing your aptitude helps you discover your talents, strengths, most likely leadership roles and career path.

How to measure aptitude

Unlike other so-called aptitude tests, which are theoretical (unscientific and without any hard research behind them), the Highlands Ability Battery has the benefit of over 90 years of rigorous research with  test resulst from thousands of individuals with different aptitudes from different professions.

It’s very difficult to summarise this research in a post, but the key point is that all this research was done with the assistance of the Johnson O’Connor Institute and with the use of FMRI machines. More information is contained in a previous post here.

True measurements of aptitude need to be objective and identify a person’s natural ability in such areas as:

  • Concept Organisation: How effectively can a person organise, link, and prioritise information without thinking?
  • Idea Productivity: How effectively can a person generate new ideas based on  single situation, without thinking?
  • Spatial Relations Visualisation: how effectively can someone relate to the real, concrete world of objects and things, without thinking?

A full list of human aptitudes can be found here.

Aptitudes are, in a sense, our instincts, and they can only be measured situationally – which is exactly what the Highlands Ability Battery does.

How to make your aptitudes work for you

Once you have identified your aptitudes objectively using the Highlands Ability Battery, based on the research done over 90 years, it is then able to calculate your ‘natural roles’ or job types – the type of work you are most naturally good at and pulled towards.

Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves in roles where we strangely end up playing to our weaknesses, something that creates huge amounts of stress, unhappiness and disengagement.

Working in areas that plays to your strengths is not a desirable, then. It is a must-have and must-do for your health and well-being.

Highlands gives control to you so that you can ensure you always work to your strengths. It identifies your strongest role and provides a career map – things that every professional should have given the amount of time they will dedicate to their place of work.

No other aptitude test does this, and if you’re interested in finding out how to leverage this powerful assessment for you, your team or your colleagues, either in Thailand or globally, then speak with us at Talent Technologies for details of how you can do so.

Don’t let another day pass you by!


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