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Executing your Strategy in Thailand and Asia

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 November 20112 Comments

Executing Strategy in Thailand and in Asian economies is challenging, not only because of the numerous Human Resource issues that exist here, but also, as we have seen most recently in Thailand, because of the heightened risk of natural disasters. These factors can throw companies’ best-laid plans off course – and that’s understandable. But is there an easy way companies can get back on track, or even get on track in the first place?

We think there is…

What’s really holding companies back from executing on their strategy?

A landmark study of over 1,500 face-to-face interviews with Global CEOs conducted by IBM in 2010 (the link to the study is here) discovered that one issue stood out above all others: complexity.

Basically, the world, their organisations, their customers, their marketplace… all had become terribly complex for Global CEOs, and it was stopping them delivering on their strategy.

Asia may well be the world’s most lucrative region, yet (and we return to that old Human Resource issue again), companies routinely find it difficult to ‘link up all the parts’ that form this web of complexity. Is there anything they can do?

Big picture, small picture

One of the challenges of complexity is when a top-line strategy needs to be broken into goals, actions and processes.

Getting your people to understand their part in the ‘big picture’ is critical for the effective execution of the strategy yet we have seen this fail so many times in companies in Thailand and Asia.

Customer Focus

The second challenge is ensuring constant customer focus. As we’ve seen in a previous post here, the more companies expand, the more the layers of management grow between themselves and their customers, the more disconnected their Customer Focus becomes.

But effective strategy demands a mentality to ‘begin with the end in mind’, and that end is always the Customer… or bust!

This tool helps you execute your Strategy, organisation-wide!

The challenge is often one of cross-functional teamwork: basically getting everyone in your organisation on the same page, no matter whether they are in Finance or Sales, in the Chairman’s seat or on the front line.

We’ve spent a lot of time pondering this problem and realised what’s needed is a Marketing Model that applies for every type of organisation in any field or industry. And here it is!

The Marketing Model enables you to orient your team around any strategy, goal or objective your company may have, with a clear understanding of what gives your company its competitive advantage.

It’s the essential document for cutting through the complexity, eliciting the on-the-ground realities from your people and teams at every function and level, ad, ultimately, making your Strategy come to life.

In future posts we’ll look at how to use the tool, in the meantime why not make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to Talent Talk here.

…Happy strategic execution!



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