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What is management training…really?

Submitted by on Monday, 13 February 2012No Comment

Management training (การฝึกอบรมการบริหารจัดการ) is something that can make a huge difference to companies if executed effectively. Yet so often management training programmes fail to deliver on desired results. Why is this?

We thought this post might help those intending to run management training programmes at their companies, ensure that they get the best results from their programmes.

What you really want from a management training programme

Usually, companies run management training programmes (our full list of these are here) in order to embed a new concept or skill among its employees. Let’s call the combination of these two ‘capabilities’. And training is an invaluable tool to ensure employees are able to keep their skills and concepts up-to-date and, more importantly, relevant for their customers.

So far so good.

However, they are then disappointed on running a training programme, to discover that the target employees don’t come away with those desired concepts or skills.

This is usually due to two factors:

1. The training style was not effective

2. The participants did not want to learn

The forgotten part of training

In the first case, it’s important to ensure that the training company or vendor leads their sessions with an interactive training style (something we are big on here at Talent Technologies).

But it’s with the second factor that we would like to focus on today – what we call the forgotten part of training – and it’s this part that so often dooms training programmes to abject failure.

Attitudes, Behaviours…

This is why HR professionals and CEOs alike need to focus on the first two factors of the ‘ABC’ of management training – Attitudes and Behaviours.

A = Attitudes

B = Behaviours

C = Capabilities

It’s these attitudes and behaviours that get in the way of the desired capabilities and in turn destroy training effectiveness.

This is why they absolutely need to be addressed either as part of the training, or as part of the talent management system each company uses, or both.

Here’s how to do that…

An effective training programme will identify first, then help the participants unlearn the attitudes and behaviours that may be blocking the new and desired capabilities.

At Talent Technologies, we make sure all our training engages Head, Heart and Hand (if you missed the graphic illustrating this, you can download it here).

Only when these old and blocking attitudes and behaviours are unlearnt, can the new and desired capabilities be learnt – leading to the training effectiveness that companies so desire.

So, to make your management training more effective – try abandoning the ‘pour more in’ approach, and instead go for the ‘pour out first’ approach – which will lead (as we experience) to breakthrough results!

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