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Leadership skills in Thailand: what you need to know

Submitted by on Monday, 20 August 2012One Comment

Most would agree that having strong leadership skills is critical to professional success in Thailand, but (we are often asked) can those skills be clearly defined and even learnt?

leadership skills thailandIt’s true that a number of leadership theories exist, making this subject more complex than it really ought to be. Some of these theories proffer ideas for learning the skills of leadership, but mostly they let the reader work out ways of becoming a better leader, based on the theories given.

Many time-pressured managers may be delighted to know that there is a much easier (and quicker) way to developing their leadership skills and capabilities…

Start with The Follower

But in this quest for what leadership is, aren’t we missing something here? Shouldn’t we instead be starting with the follower, and working out what the follower expects from his or her leader, rather than looking at leadership in isolation?

This is exactly what the mammoth research generated by the authors of The Leadership Challenge has done. Instead of coming up with yet another leadership theory, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner asked one question: what do followers want from their leaders?

Thirty years on, with over a million followers asked this question from dozens of countries worldwide (including Thailand), they discovered that followers wanted their leaders to do five things…

One. Model the Way

The first expectation was for leaders to Model the Way. What does this mean?

Put simply, it is setting the example by aligning actions with shared values. Here’s an example from our Leadership Challenge training programme:


Two. Inspire a Shared Vision

Followers want their leaders to inspire a shared vision. This is defined as ‘enlisting others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations.’

Three. Challenge the Process

The research discovered that followers want their leaders to Challenge the Process. This means tolerating mistakes, encouraging risk-taking and accepting ‘push back’, as well as actively looking for small-win opportunities.

Four. Enable Other to Act

Enabling others to Act is the fourth leadership practice. This skill is about the leader doing all he can to enable the follower to accomplish the mission (or role) and ensuring that the challenge is neither too easy nor too difficult.

Five. Encourage the Heart

The last practice that followers wanted from their leaders was that of Encouraging the Heart. This practice is about giving recognition frequently and building a spirit of community.

Make the Challenge easier on yourself!

If you would like to develop these practices and enhance your leadership capabilities, why not join our hands-on leadership training programme The Leadership Challenge?

You can find our programme details here or for a full pdf and agenda please feel free to contact us here!


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