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Star Talent: how to attract it to your company

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Star Talent

Everybody wants star talent in their company. But wanting star talent and attracting and retaining it are two entirely different propositions. So we thought we would cover the kind of things companies can do to attract and retain star talent at work. But first, a definition is in order…

Star Talent – what it is, exactly

Star TalentStar talent, simply put, is the type of talent that can make a difference to your organisation. Chances are, you have these people working for you at the moment. They are typically those who simply have a knack of driving your business forward at any time.

It’s easy to think of star talent being in sales, or IT, or engineering, or in a managerial role. The reality is (and here is where a big opportunity exists for those companies that want to grasp it) is that star talent can be found in such seemingly mundane roles as:

· secretarial

· front desk

· HR

· accounts

The problem is, that it can be notoriously difficult valuing some of these roles, if not in pay, then also in recognition and rewards. Another challenge that exists, is that if you are the CEO and moved up the company through a Finance role, how easy is it to identify star talent in, say, marketing, or engineering?

How to make your company a star talent magnet

The one thing every manager needs to know, as we’ve seen in this article here, and as the late Steve Jobs shared with us in this video here, is how to identify talent.

As a manager you have, in the words of Steve Jobs, to become a ‘talent scout’.

So here’s a process to follow that will make your company into a star talent magnet:

First, be aware not only who your ‘high performers’ are in terms of numbers, but also those who make the difference in your company in other, less tangible ways.

Next, make sure you get them onto a career path. If you follow our process on this, you will also profile them using the Highlands Ability Battery, the only talent assessment that has been developed with the use of MRI technology.

Star Talent

Third, figure out the link between the person’s talents, and the tasks they do. We call this the ‘Talent-Task’ connection, and is the most reliable indicator of performance.

Lastly, make sure these star talents are always engaged (it’s worth taking the time, believe me!) The source of engagement on a personal level is usually linked to their talents discovered in the Highlands Ability Battery.

…But what about identifying and attracting star talent?

The great news is that you can then use the same work samples from the Highlands Ability Battery at interview stage, to check where an interviewees talents are.

This is super easy to do, and certainly a lot easier and more comfortable than asking lots of convoluted and difficult questions.

What you’re trying to do is to see where an interviewee’s face lights up and where it get frustrated. There’s no hiding it – a person’s own emotions will tell you the tasks that connect to his or her talents, and those that do not.

This is the principle of First Who, then What which was the key to high-performing companies identified by Jim Collins in his groundbreaking study Good to Great.

When you have a position to fill, this is how to make sure you hire star talent – it’s that easy!

If you would like to find out more about career pathing, attracting and retaining star talent and achieving employee engagement, please feel free to contact us using the ‘more details’ link below.

You can also subscribe to a monthly digest of our posts here. We’ll be featuring our talent hiring process as an infographic, plus watch out for our easy-to-use employee engagement process – all free!


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