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The 5 Factors of Client Management

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Client management is becoming increasingly challenging in a business world where competitor disruption on the one hand, and client disengagement on the other, is becoming the norm.

At the same time managers are being put under a lot of pressure to increase sales and grow margins. Between disruptive competitors and disengaged clients on the one hand, and demanding companies on the other, managers are being swept up in a perfect storm that, for many, creates a great deal of stress.

But not to worry. We have a super easy tool to help professionals navigate this storm…

The 5 Factors of Client Management

From our research, we’ve found that there are 5 key stages of client management that helps professionals put their house in order. Please see the graphic below (right click to enlarge)…

Client Management Factors pdf

(You can download the 5 Factors of Client Management pdf here)

Factor 1: Purpose

The first factor of client management is purpose. Clients typically want you to perform a task or role to help them (typically) overcome a problem or challenge.

This is functional and transactional. Clients want something, and need your help to get it. But there’s more…

Factor 2: Communication

Every person has a communication style unique to themselves. These styles can be categorised. Knowing these styles can help you, as service provider, connect better to the client. Unconsciously, each of us do not only want the what (factor 1) resolved, but also need to gain confidence in the how.

Communication is key to deepening the relationship with the client (please see the arrow to the right in the graphic) and understanding him or her better as a person.

Factor 3: Personality

Personality and communication are quite closely linked. Understanding the client’s personality helps you connect even better so that you can deliver the fourth factor, which is…

Factor 4: Care

Here you are creating a closer, more intimate, bond with the client. You have crossed into their world. You feel pain like they feel pain. Some will call this empathy but care is more than empathy itself.

In this factor of client management, we are not only being empathetic to the client’s needs and situation, but also making a bond of commitment to help the client no matter what.

Client Management Masterclass

Note that this is no longer a transactional relationship now. It is a transformational one – and a partnership.

Factor 5: Promise

In the final and strongest factor, we create an unspoken promise that we will serve the client in the way that they would like to be served in the future.

This is unconscious and sometimes can be called an ‘expectation’. In reality it is more than that.

Companies in the service business depend on these intangible promises to boost their customer engagement. Some companies rely on branding and advertising efforts to achieve this, but in reality the greatest source of a company’s brand promise lies in its human resource consistently being able to create the kind of relationships described above.

The bottom line

From a company point of view, creating strong client relationships eliminates the threat from disruptive competitors described in the first paragraph, and reduces stress in the workplace from perpetual target-chasing and customer churn.

If you would like to achieve these kind of relationships among your client, please feel free to contact us by following the link below, or why not have a look at Client Management Masterclass, our one day training programme that helps you do just this!

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