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Game Plan for Career Success

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Game Plan for Career Success

It was a great turnout and lively audience at our presentation at The French Chamber of Commerce event yesterday. We had lots of questions at the event and some fantastic feedback too.

We wanted to share with you one key slide which spells out our advice for employees wanting to improve their career prospects within their existing company.

A lot was covered at the talk so we though some more detail into the Game Plan for Career Success, for your existing career, might help. But first the slide in question…

Game Plan for Career Success – pdf

Game Plan for Career SuccessYou can download Game Plan for Career Success in pdf format here

Let’s go through our advice in more detail…

Game Plan for Career Success – the key steps to progressing your career within your existing company…

1. Identify your Talents

The quickest, most reliable and easiest way to do so by far is via The Highlands Ability Battery – more details can be found here.

2. Make a resolution to be more valuable to your company AND yourself

You need to decide that you will proactively seek to build on your Talents and Strengths on the one hand, and add value to your existing employer on the other.

3. List 3 ways you can help you company by working to your STRENGTHS

Take the data and feedback from your Highlands Ability Battery assessment, or from rigorous self-examination, and list at least 3 ways that you can help your company by working in areas of your strengths – or by developing those strengths further.

4. Speak to your boss…

Wait for the right moment (i.e. when he’s in a good mood!) and discuss your plan. Frame the discussion in a way that you are making clear you want to find ways to add more value to the company in your role, and then ask him/her if he or she is willing to consider your ideas…

5. Choose ONE item to work on next month

Settle on one item or area you will work on next month. Then work on that area.

6. Repeat the following month with your next item or area

Okay this is the important part. You have to follow up. Try to schedule a meeting with your boss again and ask for his feedback on your progress. Then either reconfigure your agreement or choose the next item on your list.

7. Discuss career growth options with your boss when appropriate

When and only when you feel you are gaining traction (wait until after at least 3 months of the above cycles), discuss career growth options with your boss. This may include a reconfiguration of your role, a possible promotion (if you have successfully added value) or further training and development.

And that’s your Game Plan for Career Success!

What you can do now

If you would like to give your career a boost, why not ask us about our Career Advice and Talent Assessment service that we believe will pay for itself in one month or less! Just follow the link below for more details…


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