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To take your teamwork forward, use ‘the 2 backs’

Submitted by on Thursday, 31 October 20133 Comments

As we have seen in a previous post, a group is not a team, and one of the differentiators between groups and teams is that teams move forward (whereas groups have a tendency to move sideways or even, in worst case scenarios, backwards!)

Setting aside a team’s talent and the resources at its disposal, this forward movement is created by a yin-yang dynamic which we call ‘The 2 backs’.

It’s the tension between these ‘2 backs’ that takes a team forward…

The ‘2 backs’ explained…

The ‘2 backs’ we are talking of are…

· Feedback, and

· Pushback

Feedback & Pushback

Feedback means we are as individuals and together always seeking opportunities to gain feedback from situations and colleagues regarding ways of doing, what works and what doesn’t work, in order to generate a success model.

This requires communication and then, when we have identified the ‘success model’, intuition.

Five Star Teams

Pushback means that we have created an atmosphere where it is okay to disagree in order to optimise this success model. There’s a critical thing to note with pushback – and that is that it is always task-related and never relational, with the sole intent of improvement.

The cornerstone of ‘the 2 backs’

The ‘2 backs’ are built on a necessary cornerstone – and that cornerstone is trust.

You can see the relationship trust has to play in teamwork in the model we posted previously here.

Develop great teams like this…

We’ll be exploring these themes in more depth in future posts so make sure you subscribe below.

In the meantime, if you want to enhance teamwork in your company then be sure to have a look at our Five Star Teams team development programme. This powerful session equips you, and your colleagues, with the key skills for developing great teams and, of course, mastering the key skills of feedback and pushback.

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