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The Customer Experience

Talent Technologies helps companies create a compelling Customer Experience

in Thailand and South-East Asia


customer experience thailandThe Customer Experience is the source of competitive differentiation today. Products might be the same, services might be the same, solutions might be the same – but the way they are delivered – the how – that is where there is huge room for companies to make a difference.

Yet look at the customer experience companies deliver, and you would think that most are not aware of this. Poor concepts, poor processes, poor HR practices and inadequate focus and communication all combine to condemn companies to the junkyard of mediocrity and ‘commodity’ status.

But if companies want to thrive in the high-growth economies of Asia – rather than merely survive – it’s clear that only a consistent and compelling Customer Experience will do.

The business case for an outstanding Customer Experience

Most companies look wistfully at the Apples and Virgin Atlantics of the world and wish if it only could be them in the same situation.

customer experienceFew businesspeople know that both these companies have a deliberately crafted and articulated customer experience that links Feeling to Finance.

In other words, these companies don’t ‘do’ their Customer Experience because it’s a ‘nice-to-have’, but simply because it makes business sense. More importantly, these companies (among many others) rigorously link their Customer Experience (CE) to their financial strategy.

This is not rocket science. The average company can expect to lose 50% of its customers every 3 years. Simply reducing customer defections by 5% annually can lift corporate profits by between 15 and 30%!

How we help companies create memorable customer experiences

Using our tried-and-tested methodology incorporating the 15 core Customer Engagement emotions that link to Say, Stay and Spend, we help you create a branded Customer Experience by:

  • Identifying your your current customer experience Outside-In
  • Mapping your existing Customer Experience and upgrading it a branded Experience
  • Facilitating adoption of the Experience in your organisation
  • Linking Customer Feeling to Finance, enabling you to track your progress

What you can do now

If you would like to find out more about differentiating your business by creating a branded customer experience, feel free to contact us via the link below.


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