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Employee Engagement

Talent Technologies helps companies achieve employee engagement

in Thailand and South-East Asia


employee engagement thailandEmployees who are fully engaged execute on their strategies better, innovate more effectively, give more discretionary effort to your company and are more dedicated and loyal. In short engaged employees Say, Stay and Strive significantly more than their disengaged counterparts.

Consequently, companies with higher levels of employee engagement can expect enhanced corporate performance in areas such as staff retention, productivity and customer engagement.

This is why leading companies are switching on to employee engagement in a big way.

How Talent Technologies makes employee engagement easy

Offering companies tailor-made employee engagement solutions that are cost-effective and actionable, perhaps most importantly, we make sure that the solution doesn’t take up a lot of your people’s valuable time.

We are able to achieve this by:

Using a focussed set of employee engagement criteria tried and tested on hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide, and

Use a process that means findings can be implemented immediately and effectively, right through to your front line. This is achieved with a minimum of fuss and paperwork.

We ensure Employee Engagement initiatives are linked to your strategy.

Offer a solution tailor-made for your organisation type and requirements. Please check the categories below:

An Employee Engagement Solution tailor-made for your reality

Talent Technologies offers three levels of Employee Engagement solutions to companies:

Small Company Medium-sized Company Large Company
TEAM Engagement CORPORATE Engagement ENTERPRISE Engagement
Simple survey and focus groups Online survey and drill-downs Online survey, drill-downs and benchmarking of results
 Initiatives with 28 Day Later follow-ups, linked to strategic goals


What you can do now

If you would like to find out more about how employee engagement can become a source of competitive advantage for your company, feel free to contact us following the link below.


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