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Talent Technologies offers management training programmes to help you develop your communication skills, as well as communicate with different personalities, enhance your Emotional Intelligence, sharpen your presentation skills and manage conflict effectively. Click on the programmes below for further details…

Personality Factor

 Personality Factor Training

Personality Factor is perfect for you if you would like to:

Discover your personality type using an adapted Myers Briggs assessment

Learn how to identify other peoples’ types in under 1 minute using video

Bridge differences between personality types

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Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional Intelligence

If you would like to enhance your EQ / EI, then Emotional Intelligence is  for you:

Assess your EI online Learn how to manage emotions using our 4 quadrant model Overcome emotional obstacles through our role plays and simulations

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Communication Factor

 Communication Skills Training

Communication Factor is a one day training programme that makes communicating in a wide range of situations easy:

Communicate clearly and to the point in a range of situations at work

Make messages stick Handle high-stake communications with confidence

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Presentation Talent!

 Presentation Skills Training

If you need to make business presentations regularly, then Presentation Talent! is for you. Learn how to:

Set your presentations up for success Deliver with confidence

Let your presentation talent shine

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 Conflict Management

 Conflict Management Training

If you need to manage conflict on a regular basis, Conflict Management is for you:

Identify your conflict style Resolve conflict using our 5-step model

Manage and negotiate difficult conversations

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Business Writing Talent!

 business writing talent training

Business Writing Talent! helps you sharpen up your written communication skills in English:

Structure your emails, reports and proposals effectively

Use language appropriately and persuasively  Be clear, concise and coherent

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