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Make Business Report and Proposal Writing

easy with Business Writing Talent!

We know what it’s like. You spend hours looking at a business report assignment you need to complete with the deadline fast approaching – but you just don’t know where to start!

This is why you need Business Writing Talent! This interactive seminar with one or two day options gives you a surefire method to your writing and provides you the tools to overcome those report-writing roadblocks.

The programme introduces you to the key phrases you can use to simplify your professional writing, plus you get to practise a range of business writing skills for the most common report requirements.

The seminar includes a number of lively activities that build your skills ‘line by line’ – report writing has never been this enjoyable!

With our TalentPlanner by your side, you discover key attributes of business reports and proposals and learn how to:

Get your message across concisely and persuasively
Increase your impact by simplifying your style
Structure your report or proposal so that it is coherent and cogent
Discuss options and make recommendations with precision
Use phrases and format to maximise understanding and effect


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