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Communication skills training Thailand

Communication Factor helps you communicate

more effectively at work – achieving results


Being able to communicate effectively at work is probably the most valuable skill in business today. Meetings, performance appraisals, projects and tasks all require clear and concise communication in a way that delivers closure.

Yet few managers have the opportunity to sharpen up their communication skills so that they can communicate clearly and to the point.

Communication Factor is a one day training session that bridges this shortfall, coaching participants in how to improve their communication in the most important areas of their business.

With our combination of videos, presentations and activities, participants build their confidence step-by-step and accomplish the following:

Communicate any message succinctly in 30 seconds or less
Enhance their active listening skills
Ask questions effectively
Make their message stick
Conquer their fear of speaking with others – even in ‘high stakes’ situations


Communication Factor is a highly interactive communication skills training programme delivered in Thai or English


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