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Manage Conflict like the world’s best with Conflict Management


Conflict is an unavoidable reality in today’s fast-moving business environment. Unfortunately, for many people the fear of conflict prevents them – and their business teams – fulfilling their potential.

Top-performing professionals stand out by being able to channel conflict into productive performance, and this one day programme shows participants how to do just that.

If you have difficult conversations at work on a regular basis, need to manage large teams or regularly find yourself ‘fire-fighting’, Conflict Management is the programme for you!

Over the course of the training, participants learn how to:

Identify their natural conflict style and what it means for their relationships
Defuse people problems using our tried-and-tested conflict resolution model
Increase creative tension in order to accelerate the accomplishment of goals
Manage difficult conversations with confidence and ease


Conflict Management is a highly interactive training programme with video case studies and hands-on activities delivered in Thai or English


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