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Emotional Intelligence Training

Enhance your Emotional Intelligence with this engaging hands-on programme


Quite simply the fastest way to foster more emotionally intelligent behaviour in your team in Thailand and Asia!

Studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is a more reliable predictor of  on-the-job success than IQ (cognitive intelligence). In some cases, EQ may make up to 70% of a person’s performance. This is because of the interdependence required in the modern workplace.

Yet few managers have ever learnt the elements of this highly important skill. Emotional Intelligence is a critical component in factors such as teamwork, motivation, communication and employee retention.

Using the world’s most reliable framework for Emotional Intelligence (EISA), participants first discover their own Emotional Quotient (also available as a 360° assessment) before enhancing the EQ skills of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, and Give Yourself.

With decades of research into EISA this programme is a must-have addition to managers’ toolkits. Participants learn how to:

» Identify the most important emotions that drive employee engagement

» Learn how to manage their own emotions, moods and states before they blow up into derailing behaviours

» Choose alternative ways of communicating with people you may find challenging to work with

» Give Yourself in ways that are most likely to benefit others

Emotional Intelligence is highly interactive and features an exciting combination of real-life video case studies, role play activities and simulations to help participants:

Become aware of their emotional competencies in the dimensions of  Perceiving, Managing, Decisionmaking, Achieving and Influencing
Understand how emotions relate to behaviours, as well as learn the difference between emotions, moods, states and syndromes
Learn how to change their moods and states using easy, tried-and-tested techniques
Defeat negative and counterproductive patterns of behaviours in themselves and others
Motivate people around them more effectively


Emotional Intelligence is a highly interactive training programme

ideal for the busy manager. Delivered in Thai or English



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