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Client Management Masterclass

Client Management Masterclass

Make client management easy with this powerful one day programme



Effective Client management is a critical skill for the hard-pressed modern professional.

Yet few professionals have a trustworthy process to help them handle this demanding aspect of their work.

While the world of work is certainly not getting any easier – with increasing demands of multiple stakeholders and their expectations – the tools at most professionals’ disposal seem to be as antiquated as ever.

This is where Client Management Masterclass comes in.

Giving you an easy-to-use framework that captures the key gaps between client expectations and serving them, this programme is essential for anyone who has to deal with clients, internal stakeholders and external consultants in their work.

Over the highly-interactive one day session, participants will discover how to manage the five critical gaps of Purpose, Promise, Personality, Communication and Care in order to enhance their client experience – and make the process of management easy!

Participants can expect to accomplish the following:

Identify and diagnose the key gaps that happen between a client and service provider
Ensure that they stay ‘on message’ with the Client’s purpose
Identify a client’s personality type and communication style and adapt themselves effectively
Make sure Client expectations of promise & care are consistently delivered on
Ensure that company process is communicated and clarified in a way the Client can value


 Client Management Masterclass is essential for professionals that want to enhance their client relationships and make client management easier


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