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Customer Experience Maximisation

Customer Experience Maximisation

Create outstanding customer experiences across

all your touchpoints


Research shows that 60% of customers leave brands because of poor service experiences.

Whether this due to the front-line service encounter, system problems, or the the physical environment, if you would like to enhance this encounter then Customer Experience Maximisation is a must-have.

Facilitated over one or two days, this programme helps companies gain a consistent competitive advantage by connecting better with their customers at every touchpoint outside-in.

Participants can expect to accomplish the following:

Create a branded experience at every touchpoint
Ensure that the three experience dimensions of Service, System and Stage maximise your customers’ experience at the touchpoints
Involve your management team in your signature customer experience, achieving a shared vision and shared commitment
Map your Experience so that it is easy to communicate at the front line


Customer Experience Maximisation is a hands-on programme for companies that want to boost profits by creating outstanding customer experiences



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