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Executing Change

All you need to prepare for, craft and execute your change management programme

Change Programme Thailand

If you are embarking on major change, whether the change involves the implementation of a new accounting system, a merger or acquisition, a major culture shift of a new corporate strategy, then Executing Change equips your change leadership team with the tools needed to execute the change successfully.

The programme breaks the change into three areas, of Planning and Envisioning (defining the future, its assumptions, challenges and priorities), Acting (considering the behaviours required for success) and adopting (localising, internalising and sustaining the change).

Participants gain the clarity and confidence required to deliver your company’s change programme effectively.

Once the programme is completed, participants can:

Establish clear change leadership roles and responsibilities
Know how to delegate authority for change decisions
Determine who oversees and guides the change process
Discover your team’s change style and readiness through our assessments
Create a dynamic (ongoing) action plan for change


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