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Coaching for Commitment Workshop

Coaching for Commitment Training Workshop

Learn how to Coach effectively at work with this hands-on programme!



Coaching for Commitment makes coaching others easy, enjoyable, and actionable…

Coaching is one way that you can build capability in your team, business unit or organisation fast. And Coaching for Commitment is most trusted programme to help you do that.

This classic training programme initiates participants into the skills and joys of coaching other people. Using the super easy Coaching Prism and InDiCom Coaching Model, participants learn and practice using  these key coaching methodologies.

With practice, simulations and assessments included in this interactive workshop, participants by the end of the programme can:

Understand the role of the Coach and how that differs from the role of being a manager
Gain and maintain relationships based on Trust, in order to help your Coachees overcome the challenges they are facing
Discover their natural coaching style using the Coaching Skills Inventory (CSI)
Acquire an easy-to-use coaching process using the Coaching Prism
Learn how to develop and review personal action plans with their Coachees effectively


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