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Employee Engagement Training

Employee engagement made easy


‘Not an HR factor… not a senior management factor… an everybody factor.’

If you would like to boost employee engagement levels at work, then this programme is for you.

60% of employees are disengaged at work. Top-performing organisations know that this can be fatal to business performance. They know that employee engagement is critical to business success.

Engagement Factor takes you through the 9 engagement factors that keeps your team and business unit motivated, and drives financial performance. Discover how to:

· Overcome the engagement challenges in your team, business unit or organisation and learn the tactics and techniques to overcome them.

· Reduce staff turnover and disengagement.

· A 28 Day Later follow-up to ensure the new behaviours are acted on and embedded – at work – linked to KPIs

The programme benefits participants and companies in the following way:

Get clear about the 9 engagement factors, what these look like, and how to engage yourself, your team and business unit
Link the engagement factors to business priorities
Practise your skills real-time in realistic, fast-moving activities and simulations
Boost organisational performance through getting employees to Say, Stay and Strive!


Engagement Factor is a must-have training programme for organisations that want to drive value through employee engagement and commitment


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