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It’s Okay to be the Boss

Supervisory Skills Training Thailand

The supervisory skills training programme that lets you manage with confidence: It’s Okay to be the Boss


 The world’s #1 Supervisory Skills Training Programme…

‘Too many leaders, managers and supervisors are failing to lead, manage and supervise.’

Undermanagement, as the author of It’s Okay to be the Boss points out, is costing companies a fortune every day.

It’s Okay to be the Boss is a programme designed for entry and mid-level managers who may be undermanaging or uncomfortable in their management role. It’s Okay to be the Boss helps managers overcome the following chronic problems, including:

  • Fires that are started and that never would have started by themselves
  • Fires that get out of control and which could have been put out easily
  • Resources that are squandered
  • People going in the wrong direction for days or weeks on end before anyone notices
  • Mediocre performers who mistake themselves for high-performers…

…as well as many, many more infuriating ‘Groundhog Day’ type syndromes!

It’s Okay To Be the Boss is the definitive supervisory skills programme, developed by Bruce Tulgan, a leading professional in the field who contributes regularly to the Harvard Business Review among numerous other publications.

By the end of the one day workshop, participants learn how to:

Delegate tasks, responsibilities and projects
Keep employees focussed and moving in the right direction
Increase quality, productivity, and retention of high-performers within your organisation
Sharply reduce waste, inefficiency, errors, down time and conflict among employees
Use a daily management practices Planner to make managing others natural


It’s Okay to be the Boss is a hands-on programme which is essential for managers who would like to get better results from their direct reports & teams


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