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The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge Workshop

 Quite simply, the world’s #1 Leadership Training Programme


Leadership training and development in Thailand and Asia has just become a whole lot easier…

Ask most people what they expect from a leader, and the chances are you will get 10 different answers. But ask over 200,000 people worldwide and 5 key qualities emerge…

It’s these 5 key qualities, based on over 30 years of systematic research, that are at the heart of this  leadership development programme (developed from the bestselling book).

The Leadership Challenge demystifies the art of leadership through video examples and engaging activities. The session is hands-on and participants have the opportunity to practise the new skills in the workshop.

The Leadership Challenge is essential for:

» Managers who would like to lead teams more effectively.

» ‘High potentials’ who would like to improve their leadership skills.

»  Companies wishing to improve their leadership pipeline or wishing to implement a leadership development programme.

Learning in an interactive, enjoyable way, The Leadership Challenge helps you:

Discover your Leadership style using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
Learn how to Model the Way with clear video examples
Find out how to Inspire a Shared Vision and gain buy-in from your team
Learn the value of Challenging the Process and Enabling Others to Act
Overcome the Challenges of difficult times by Encouraging the Heart


The Leadership Challenge is a hands-on, practical leadership development program based on extensive real-world research in over 40 different countries!


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