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Create Career Paths for your top talent with Career Forward



Creating clear and compelling career paths is an essential part of engaging, retaining and promoting your top talent, but the sad fact is that most companies don’t do this well!

This is why you need Career Forward.
Career Forward facilitates the mapping of your top talent’s career easy, helping them to clarify their strengths, capabilities, and grow their careers in your company in ways that can add most value, both to them and the company.
Career Forward boosts engagement and puts your people in control of their career path in your company, using our proven, scientific method.
Delivered with hands-on activities and work samples and videos, participants:
Discover their talents and skills (self-awareness)
Discover their natural strengths and weaknesses, and roles that connect with their strengths (engagement)
Create a career map with one year, three year and five year horizons
Improve work-life balance and job satisfaction


Career Forward is a hands-on, interactive career development programme based on the only scientifically validated talent assessment programme in the world


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