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Personal Change Plan

Achieve breakthrough change with Personal Change Plan

To make breakthrough change, look no further than our Personal Change Plan.

By helping you understand how to change your attitude and behaviours in ways that help you reach those goals, this programme is unique in that it:

· Is based on sustainable changes and does not include ‘quick fixes’ such as those used in NLP

· Begins with a personal vision and includes all areas of your life (‘Whole Person’) not just career or financial goals

· Is founded on a proven approach used with top athletes, managers and professionals in the fields of sports and business

With our combination of videos, presentations, reflections and activities, participants build their confidence step-by-step and achieve the following:

Your 4 Pillars: Psychology, Physiology, Philosophy, and Past
How the Brain relates to Performance
Overcoming blocking beliefs and behaviours
Understanding your intrinsic drivers
How to honour your interests and passions
Your Action Plan & How to make it happen!


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