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Talent Factor Training

Helps you discover your Talents and work to your Strengths


Extensive research shows that over 80% of all employees don’t get the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

This is the main driver for engagement and execution in organisations. What can companies do about it?

Talent Factor is a remarkable one day programme that equips managers with the tools to:

  • Discover their talents
  • Understand how these combine with skills, knowledge and experience to form strengths
  • Identify their own strengths and play to them every day
  • Identify their colleagues’ strengths to build high-performing teams

Thank you. Talent Factor has re-energized our team!

John Cormack, CEO, Marriott Hotels


Talent Factor is essential for companies that need and want to develop their talent on an ongoing basis.

The programme benefits participants and companies in the following way:

Get clear about your most effective roles and responsibilities as part of work teams
Discover your talents and work to your strengths
Choose a career path that plays to your natural roles and talents
Articulate a personal action plan for long-range talent development


Talent Factor is a hands-on programme which is essential for individual excellence, teamwork and employee engagement


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