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Productivity Factor


Stress is an increasing feature among managers today as workloads increase and companies make ever-increasing demands on individual productivity.

Yet the sometimes overwhelming amount of work results in lower productivity levels than ever.

Productivity Factor helps participants get a grip of their tasks and routines at work and at home. It helps them unite all the dimensions of their lives and create a set of practices to implement their goals over time.

After the programme, participants can:

Get a hold of their habits and daily productivity by our proven approach, enabling them to work both from the ground up and from their vision down
Clarify their values and personal vision and cascade yearly, monthly and weekly goals into actions
Learn how to manage the bombardment of seemingly random tasks and inputs and adopt a routine to channel them productively
Implement daily practices that help them realise their talents and deliver on their personal visions
Execute on their daily goals and go from productivity to performance!

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Productivity Factor is a hands-on programme which is essential for managing time, tasks, projects and energy


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