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Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Cross-cultural collaboration

Work across cultures more effectively with Cross-Cultural Collaboration


If you’re looking for a cross-cultural training programme in Thailand and Asia, Cross-Cultural Collaboration is for you.

Making the connection with people of different cultures can be hard, especially in professional contexts. That is why we introduced Cross-Cultural Collaboration, which distils the key differences between cultures in an easy-to-understand framework that starts with an understanding of concepts and moves on to understand the resulting behaviours.

Cross-cultural Collaboration enables participants to:

Understand the key differences between different nationalities within an easy-to-use framework
Know what to expect when dealing with people from different cultures
Learn the communication techniques that overcome typical differences
Identify the difference between a typical ‘cultural’ behaviour and a ‘personal’ behaviour, and how to react appropriately in each instance
Neutralise misunderstandings when they occur through dialogue


Cross-Cultural Collaboration is a hands-on programme which is essential for teamwork and cross-cultural communication



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