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Building deep capabilities
Tuesday, 22 Jul, 2014 – 16:46 | One Comment
Building deep capabilities

‘Deep capabilities’ is a buzzword being used a lot within companies at the moment to describe a type of skillset that is both ‘deep’ (i.e. where an employee has strong expertise in one area) and …

What is transformational L&D?
Tuesday, 22 Apr, 2014 – 14:11 | No Comment
What is transformational L&D?

There’s a big change hitting the world of Learning & Development, and that change is being driven by visionary companies with big ambitions for their HR Departments.
Those ambitions are based on one thing – to …

How to build your skills in 5 steps
Saturday, 18 Jan, 2014 – 14:40 | No Comment
How to build your skills in 5 steps

How to build your skills in 5 steps
We all want (and need!) to build skills from time to time. However, very few of us seem to follow a process or discipline when we do so.
Building …

What’s your goal-setting style?
Wednesday, 8 Jan, 2014 – 21:00 | No Comment

Most people will agree that setting goals is a core (and important) part of achieving professional and personal fulfilment and success.
Written at a time of year when many people will be considering their personal vision …

How to build organisational capability
Friday, 20 Dec, 2013 – 11:47 | 2 Comments
How to build organisational capability

Knowing how to build organisational capability is crucial for senior managers to understand, especially when their companies reach the point where talent gaps appear or talent may be hard to attract.
Yet the sad reality (from …

What’s your problem-solving style?
Thursday, 28 Nov, 2013 – 13:43 | No Comment
What’s your problem-solving style?

What’s your problem-solving style?
One of the areas of multi-decade research carried out by the Johnson O’Connor Institute into performance at work has centred on our innate problem-solving styles – and the difference between how we, …