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MBTI Leadership Plus Thailand

The MBTI® Leadership Plus… ideal for Leadership Development


MBTI Leadership Plus is a highly useful tool for leadership development in Thailand and Asia…

Becoming a better leader starts with a better understanding of one’s self.

The Myers-Briggs® assessment is the world’s most widely-used personality inventory and tells you about your psychological preferences.

The MBTI® Complete-Leadership Plus Report applies Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type, the MBTI sorts personality preferences into four lettered groups:

· Extraversion (E) and Introversion (I)

· Sensing (S) and Intuition (N)

· Thinking (T) and Feeling (F)

· Judging (J) and Perceiving (P)

Though many factors combine to influence an individual’s behaviors, values, and attitudes, the MBTI description summarises underlying patterns common to most people of that type.

A sample report can be downloaded here.

MBTI® Complete Leadership Plus lets you:

Take the full MBTI® Assesment at your own pace online
Learn what your MBTI® type means for you in terms of Leadership style
Discover your likely areas of strengths and weaknesses
Improve your techniques in areas such as Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process and Enabling Others to Act

Taent Technologies, Managment training Thailand

MBTI® Complete Leadership Plus is an ideal tool for leadership development

Talent Technologies, Management Training Thailand

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