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Talent Technologies offers a complete range of talent assessment solutions worldwide


Any Organisation’s failure or success, as Jim Collins identified in his management bestseller Good to Great, ultimately stems from its ability to ‘get the right people in the right seats.’

This is why talent assessment is so essential to a company’s health and the starting point for any company’s strategy.

talent assessmentMaking the most of your own your your company’s ‘Human Capital’ and capabilities starts with the ability to identify and make the most of each individual’s talents.

The greatest decision a manager will ever make, is in the people he or she chooses to hire, promote, and develop. This journey determines how much ‘talent benchstrength’ your company has at any one time.

Talent Technologies partners you on this long and exciting journey towards corporate excellence.

How we help companies develop talent benchstrength

We help companies make the most of their talent in the following way:

1. Talent Assessment. We offer companies the world’s only objective talent assessment solution. Get the right people in the right seats! Read more here »

2. Leadership Assessment. Discover your leadership capabilities with the world’s #1 leadership assessment – developed with over 30 years’ research worldwide. More here »

3. Career transitioning and career path. Engage your brightest and best with a compelling career path tailored to their talents and strengths. Read more here »

4. Employee Engagement. The key to developing talent benchstrength is by promoting high employee engagement levels. Find out more here »

Next steps

If you would like an information pack about our talent assessment and career pathing solutions, feel free to contact us via this form, or call our office on +662 6393550.

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