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Career Path and Career Mapping

Talent Technologies helps you build a career path for your people

in Thailand and South-East Asia!


Building a career path for your employees is essential for:

Creating a talent pipeline for your company – so it is in peak fitness for all its tomorrows

Enhancing employee engagement at work

Overcoming costly skills and leadership gaps

How building a career path helps your company rise to the next level

career path thailandIt’s surprising how unstrategic companies can be when it comes to their Human Resources, workforce planning, and talent pipeline management.

So many are stuck in a cycle of firefighting and day-to-day operations management that they cannot see yet alone build for their tomorrows.

This cycle is phenomenally costly. Consider for example the cost of:

$ Staff turnover – the cost of onboarding, training, and replacing your staff when they leave

$ Skills gaps – the cost of existing employees not being able to deliver on your functional requirements and desired customer experience

$ Disengagement – the cost of professionals not performing to their potential

These are three costs that show up in so many ways yet (for whatever reason) are not usually picked up by a company’s P&L!

A career path and career map helps companies eliminate these costs and create a greater place to work. And a well-defined career path creates a meaningful and long-term relationship between your company and your employees.

Talent Technologies offers you a total career pathing solution

Some companies attempt to tackle the challenge of career pathing by installing a range of ‘top-down’ initiatives including competencies, balanced scorecards and strategy maps.

Here’s some news that you already know –

This is too complicated!

What companies need to do is much simpler:

1. Identify your company’s workforce requirements starting from the customer experience and working backwards.

2. Identify your company’s current talent, talent-task match, individual strengths and role requirements, and future requirements going forward, then

3. A simple, one page talent pipeline so that you overcome the operational challenges once and for all!

This is the total solution that Talent Technologies offers.

Get started now!

If you would like more information about our career pathing and career mapping solutions, feel free to contact us via this form, or call our office on +662 6393550.


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