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Talent Technologies offers Employee Outplacement in Thailand


In partnership with RSM Thailand, Talent Technologies is delighted to be part of a team that offers companies the only comprehensive employee outplacement programme in Thailand.

Downsizing, layoffs and corporate restructurings are often stressful and emotional times both for management and employees. Talent Technologies makes the journey easier and helps employees navigate the process as an opportunity to be embraced, furthering their careers.

Why Outplacement?

If your company is downsizing or laying off staff then is essential you consider a structured employee outplacement programme for the following reasons:

employee outplacement thailand1. Avoid legal problems. Employees are far less likely to sue for unfair dismissal if they are provided with a quality career transitioning and outplacement  programme.

2. Maintain a positive public image. Providing outplacement services to terminated employees reduces the likelihood of ‘bad mouthing’ to the media or amongst their circle of friends.

3. Maintain good relations with terminated employees. Since ex-employees very often remain in the same industry, keeping on good terms with them for future business dealings can prove invaluable.

4. Improve employee morale and productivity. A company that demonstrates that it cares about its past employees will always be perceived well by the surviving employees who continue to work with the company.

A fully comprehensive Employee Outplacement Programme

With our partners RSM Thailand, we offer the only comprehensive outplacement solution in Thailand.

Here are the key elements of a comprehensive outplacement programme, and the compenents of the programme we offer:

» Legal advice (RSM Advisory) – Essential to ensure your company meets its obligations.

» Counselling (Talent Technologies). A range of solutions to help your people through the stressful process of a career transition (more details here)

» Job search (RSM Recruitment). As one of the leading recruitment firms in Thailand, RSM Recruitment is well placed to advise on the available vacancies for candidates

What you can do now

If you would like an information pack about the our employee outplacement and career transitioning services, feel free to contact us via this form, or call our office on +662 6393550.


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