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leadership assessment

If you are looking for a leadership assessment that is reliable and easy to apply, then the Leadership Practices Inventory (or LPI) is for you. The world’s #1 leadership assessment tool, the LPI benefits from over 30 years’ research from millions of professionals worldwide into what they expect from their leaders.

With the findings distilled into the bestselling book and training programme The Leadership Challenge, the LPI is quite simply the most reliable way to assess your leadership quotient.

How the LPI helps you become a more effective Leader

‘The first responsibility of a Leader,’ Drucker once wrote, ‘is to define reality.’ The LPI gives you the opportunity to do exactly that with a 30 item assessment of your existing leadership capabilities.

From here clear pointers are given into how you can adopt the behaviours that followers expect from their leaders. You can download a sample LPI leadership assessment report here.

leadership assessment

The LPI assessment will help you:

Get clear on where your strengths and weaknesses currently are as a leader

Create an action plan for your leadership development

Be more confident in your growth as a leader using specific follower feedback (360° option)

Choose from the following 3 options:


individual leadership assessment1. Individual

The Individual version of the LPI lets you assess your current leadership skills with reference to the LPI global leader database. It gives you a summary of existing strengths and advice on areas for improvement.

360 degrees leadership assessment2. LPI 360°

The LPI 360° elicits the perspective of up to 10 of your team members with reference to the LPI global leader database. It assesses perceptions of your leadership skills in the 5 key leadership practices.

student leadership assessment3. Student

NEW! Talent Technologies is delighted to offer the Student LPI. It gives you the opportunity to bring out the leader in you as a student and assess your leadership attributes early on.


Grow as a leader by…

Following your LPI® online assessment, we can help you grow as a leader by:

· Leadership training via The Leadership Challenge Workshop

· Leadership coaching

What you can do now!

If you would like an information pack about the LPI, as well as our training programmes that help you develop your leadership skills, please feel free to contact us via this form, or call our office on +662 6393550.


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