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Talent Assessment

Talent Technologies offers you the world’s #1 talent assessment in Thailand


Knowing your talents (and those of your colleagues) helps you:

 Play to your strengths at work

 Map your career path

Engage colleagues at work

How discovering your talents helps you make the difference

There is only one objective talent assessment in the world: the Highlands Ability Battery.

The Highlands Ability Battery has been developed over 90 years with extensive research into human performance by The Johnson O’Connor Institute.

talent assessmentThere is nothing mystical about this at all. Science has shown us how our talents (the synaptic connections in our brains) drive us more than what we learnt at school.

Staying true to our talents is essential not only for our happiness and personal fulfilment but also to consistent performance in the workplace – working in areas of our talents, then, is important not only for our personal wellbeing, but also success at work. In other words, when we are true to our talents, that’s where we make our greatest personal difference.

But how do we identify our talents?

Discover your talents with the world’s only objective talent assessment

The Highlands Ability Battery is the product of extensive testing into human performance by the Johnson O’Connor Institute (USA) using MRI technology and has been used by hundreds of multinational companies to assist with leadership and career development.

It is, quite simply, the world’s best, and the world’s only objective talent assessment.

talent assessment thailand

Career Pathing and Engagement

The talent assessment helps you identify those work tasks in which you are strongest. Not only that, it clusters these into workgroups to give robust indicators into career paths.

To date, we have assessed thousands of individuals and helped them modify their existing job roles, or embark on more rewarding career paths.

As both Gallup and the Corporate Leadership Council have found, getting the ‘talent-task’ connection right is the #1 driver of employee engagement. So discovering talent makes sense for both company and individual alike!

What you can do now

If you would like an information pack about the Highlands Ability Battery, as well as our career pathing and talent assessment solutions, feel free to contact us via this form, or call our office on +662 6393550.


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